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ga_exclusives's Journal

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Gillian Anderson Exclusive photos

Welcome to GA_Exclusives

You will find many Rare Gillian Anderson Exclusives some you may have seen some not! But mostly rare hard to find pics and sometimes we will just post regular pics, but this community is Gillian 24/7 we will also post info about Gillian's upcoming projects. We hope you enjoy it here!
All members are welcome here! I just please ask us first If you would like to post the pics anywhere I really don't mind as long as you credit me. Just ask us. :)

1. Do NOT post any pics without permission
2. Please no personal attacks on members
3. Do not ask where the pics come from
4. Do not ask for picture requests
5. Monday will be art day you may share any of your Gilly creations
6. If you have any rare pics please share but make your POST MEMBERS ONLY

Mary and Laura your mods!

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